Why does pill pill container have a bigger, heavier, and cheaper price tag than the average price

The latest batch of pill containers is getting more expensive.

The average price for a one-ounce package of the new ones has increased from $8.20 to $11.40, the latest data from the Drug Enforcement Administration show.

The increase is primarily due to a reduction in the size of the pill containers from 12.4 ounces to 10.8 ounces.

While the average pill bottle has more capacity than the pill, the pill container is a much better deal when you factor in the price.

There’s also a $1.25 per pill tax added to the price of the cheapest pill.

The DEA also released a report this week that shows that the drug companies are taking advantage of consumers who aren’t able to get the pills they need from the pharmacy.

In 2016, nearly 1.4 million prescriptions were filled for oxycodone, which is a potent painkiller.

Oxycontin and hydrocodone are the main forms of OxyContin used in the U.S. The pill containers are more expensive, but the price is still well below the average pharmacy price.

A generic version of Oxycontin is currently available for less than $10 per pill.

There are some pills that aren’t available on the market and will cost you more to get them, but if you can’t get your prescription filled with Oxycontin, you can get pills from a drugstore.

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