The pink kitties have a new friend: the pill

New York City’s Pink Kitties pill, which has been popping up at health clinics, is making its way into stores.

The pill, known as the Kitty Pill, is meant to boost mood and boost sex drive.

It’s the same pill used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety disorders.

The pink pills, which are also sold under the brand name Mello, are made by Kittys for Kittos.

But now the pill is being sold in the United States, where it’s a little more affordable.

It costs $15 a pill.

Here’s how to get the pill.

The Kittie Pill can help boost sex and mood in women, but also for men, according to the Kittymills website.

You can find the pill on the Kitten pill and the Kittle Pill.

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