Why the Oilers have no choice but to trade Connor McDavid

The Edmonton Oilers have to be feeling pretty good right now.

They have a lot of talent on the roster and the prospects for them are pretty solid, but the one thing they can’t afford to lose is their top prospect Connor McBride.

The 20-year-old has been a huge reason the Oilers are going to be good in the future, and he’s been a force on the ice at the NHL level for years.

He’s already turned into a top prospect in the league, and now he’s a force in the NHL too.

McBride is currently on a six-game contract worth $7 million a season, and while his $7.75 million salary won’t be cheap, the Oilers will have to find some way to pay it off for McBride to be able to play with the Oilers for the next five years.

With that said, if the Oilers could find a way to bring McBride back for a deal that’s on the lower end of what he’s going to make, he’d be a pretty good deal.

The Oilers have a couple of other options, including the Calgary Flames, but those are going down in flames.

McBears salary is going to go up, and it could come down a lot higher if they’re able to sign another forward or defenseman.

But it’s not going to change the fact that McBride is going from being a guy who has been an elite talent in the OHL to being one of the top prospects in the world.

The Oilers have some very good young players who are going through the system right now, and McBride could potentially be one of them.

That’s what makes him worth a lot more than the average NHLer.

If the Oilers do end up bringing him back for more than $7M a season and they can find some other way to keep him in Edmonton, they could be a great team for him.