Pornhub says it’s not changing how it ranks sex apps after a backlash

Pornhub is reversing a trend in the past year that many sites have been trying to capitalize on.

The company, which has become known for its adult content, said it was removing “the porn that we think is best” from its adult search results.

It said it is no longer ranking porn from adult sites and will only rank porn that is directly related to its adult offerings.

The company has faced backlash from parents, who said the rankings are biased.

Pornhub CEO Kevin Rose told The Associated Press that the changes were in response to a request from users who said they were not satisfied with the results.

“We want to make sure that our audience knows what they’re seeing and what they want,” Rose said in an interview.

The changes were announced Thursday, with a statement from Rose saying the changes “do not affect the millions of people who use our apps every day.”

The company’s adult search is now ranked as one of the top 10 in the world, according to a Google Trends analysis.

The top 10 is based on user-submitted data from more than 60 countries and the top 500 is based mostly on a search term.

The adult sites have a strong presence on Google, with more than 10 million searches, and a Google+ community with more then 1 million members.

The Adult Content section on Pornhub was added to the search results last year.

A number of adult websites have removed content from their adult sections, including LiveLeak, which is owned by Google, but not Pornhub.

The companies’ adult content was removed from LiveLeap in December.

The decision to remove porn from Pornhub’s adult site is not new, but the company has come under fire from the parents of children who use the sites.

Parents and community members have also complained that the adult content is not properly vetted.

Rose said in the company’s statement that the change was part of a “big improvement in our adult search and the process of reviewing content for accuracy.”

The changes to Pornhub were first reported by The Daily Dot.

The adult content change will be applied to its search results for the next week, with results updated daily.