How to prevent cat poop in the garden

A cat poop problem?

What to do about it?

Cat poop can be an issue for gardeners who want to prevent cats from entering their garden.

If you find cat feces on your plants or yard, don’t worry.

Cat poop is a normal part of the garden.

But it’s important to avoid letting it become a problem.

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If you’ve got cats or want to get them out of your garden, here are some tips:Read moreCat poop is not as contagious as you might think, so if you do come across cat feces in the backyard, make sure you do not spread it to your neighbors, even if you have cats.

And, if you see a cat on your property, do not touch it.

Instead, keep it at bay with a few good cat deterrents.

First, clean the area with a damp cloth or paper towel.

Cat litter may have beenhes the area and is a good choice for cat feces, too.

Second, avoid direct contact between cats and people.

If someone comes into your yard and sees a cat, do something to make sure they don’t get in your garden.

You can also use a cat leash, a wire or a leash extension.

A cat leash is also a good way to keep a cat off of a cat.

Third, wash your hands frequently.

If your cat or dog is leashed, use the same towel to wash your arms and hands.

It can be a great deterrent.

Fourth, avoid the cat on the ground.

Cat feces on the soil can cause soil erosion, especially in gardens, and can also contaminate your garden water supply.

Finally, be sure to remove any plants that have become cat-proofed.

If it’s a garden with a cat or a dog, you may want to check the garden and find out if any cat poop is in the area.

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