‘Pregnancy pills’ are the magic pills that could save your baby

A group of pregnant women are warning against taking a pill that could potentially save their baby.

The pill is known as the “Alexa” pill and is currently available in the US and Canada for $79.99.

The company behind the product says the “medicine” is used to treat “brain, heart, and pulmonary issues.”

The Alexa pill can cause babies to lose more than half of their blood volume in the first year of life, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It’s also associated with an increased risk of severe brain damage in babies who take it.

The Alexas mother, Amanda N.S. (pictured right), told Recode the pill has a side effect: “You lose your ability to feel pain.”

The pills have been around for years, but experts say the FDA’s warning isn’t enough to make them illegal.

The agency’s website recommends the Alexa and other similar products as a way to prevent a baby from dying.

The FDA said in a statement to Recode that its advice isn’t meant to be a recommendation on whether to use the Alexas product, but rather to inform parents to take it at the earliest possible time.

“While the FDA does not recommend or endorse any particular treatment or medication, there is no question that Alexa is an important addition to a family’s pregnancy plan,” the agency said.

“Although the Alexawls’ recommendation is not a medical recommendation, the FDA is taking a cautious approach to this topic.”

The FDA told Recoders that it would not ban the Alexai pills because the FDA can’t prevent people from taking them.

But if parents or guardians decide to start taking the pills, the agency advises them to take them with a health professional.

“We urge all pregnant women and their partners to seek appropriate medical advice to determine if Alexa pills are appropriate for their needs,” the FDA said.

The pill, known as “Alexamax,” was approved for use by the FDA in 2017.

The FDA said it received a total of 4,500 complaints about Alexa in 2016, including a total 1,972 babies who died.

The drug has since been pulled from the market.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Amanda S. (not her real name) wrote that she was diagnosed with a rare form of birth defect called a “tetraplegia” that affects the ability to move.

“After reading the testimonials from other women who were experiencing these problems, I was determined to try and find a solution,” Amanda wrote.

“I did research, spoke with a neurologist, and found out that the Alexamax pills were safe, and that they would not be dangerous for babies.”

Her experience has inspired her to run an online campaign to help parents and guardians avoid Alexa.

In just over a week, the Alexams have garnered more than 1.5 million Facebook shares and more than 300,000 followers.

She has also reached out to her local doctor, who told Recoding the Alexami pill is a safe option and should be taken with a doctor’s prescription.