Female sex workers: It’s a man’s world

A woman who was trafficked to the US from Thailand has revealed how she had to endure being forced to have sex with men for money.

Sarah Lee, who now lives in New York, was traffited from Thailand to New York and lived in the US with her husband for a year before she was forced into prostitution.

“They said it was a man-free zone, so we had to come to America for sex,” Ms Lee said.

“I was so traumatised.

I got a job at a local hotel, I bought my first pair of jeans, and I started living in a house that I was paid to live in.” “

My life changed when I got to the States.

I got a job at a local hotel, I bought my first pair of jeans, and I started living in a house that I was paid to live in.”

Ms Lee, now 23, said she had experienced a “terrible ordeal”.

“I don’t know how to explain it,” she said.

“I would think I was going to be raped, or something.

I would go to bed thinking I was getting raped and wake up the next day.”

Ms Park says she had been abused by her husband since she was 14 and that she did not have a relationship with men in the city.

Sarah Lee, right, has described being sexually assaulted by her trafficker in New Jersey, and says she is still traumatised by the experience.

“When I first came to the United States, I was traumatised, and then it’s become a part of my life.

I’m still dealing with it,” Ms Park said.

Ms Lee has been forced to work as a prostitute since her arrest.

She said she would often stay in hotels while she worked and would work up to 16 hours a day.

After her release from jail, she was able to move to New Jersey to live with her boyfriend, who also worked as a sex worker.

When the couple started dating, she said she was “bored” and “lucky” that she was free.

But when the boyfriend started using her for sex, she felt “traumatised” and decided to take matters into her own hands.

The couple have since separated.

‘You have to live like that’ Ms Park said she now had to “live like that” when she went to work.

However, she added, it was also a “difficult time” for her to find work.

“The city’s a place of change,” she told the ABC.

“[My boyfriend] has been there for me, he’s helped me through a lot of the rough patches I’ve been through and he’s also taught me a lot about my own self-worth and confidence.”

Ms Lim said her trafficking experience had been “horrific” and had “taken a toll” on her marriage.

Her husband is a taxi driver in the New York metropolitan area, where he lives with his family.

Mr Lim said he had not spoken to his wife since she fled to the city and was unsure if he would see her again.

He added that he had been contacted by “several” people who said they would “like to work with her again”.

Ms Lim, who is now in her 30s, said her husband was now “really open” to helping her and offered to send her money to pay for legal fees.