Why we think the Patriots need to make a deal with Marcus Mariota, as they wait for Marcus MariOTA to start and be a full participant in the regular season.

The 2017 NFL draft is only a few days away, and the teams who finished the season with the worst record will be getting their first looks at their picks.

If you’re a fan of the Patriots, there are a few reasons you want to be on the field in New England.1.

They have a franchise quarterback2.

They are a good team3.

They won Super Bowls in the past 4 seasons, including the 2015-16 season5.

They had some of the most talented offensive lines in the NFL, with Tom Brady, Aaron Hernandez, and Chandler Jones among the best of the bunch.6.

The Patriots are building a contender with a new quarterback.

Marcus Mariotta has had an outstanding season and he is a first-round pick.

If he can improve his accuracy and decision-making, he could be a dominant franchise quarterback.7.

He is an elite athlete8.

He can make plays in the passing game9.

He has a knack for making plays on the edge10.

He’s an outstanding athlete.

The key to his success will be how he handles pressure.

The NFL is littered with quarterbacks who struggled against elite defensive linemen, but Mariota has a strong arm, an above-average arm, and a strong, powerful arm.11.

The New England Patriots are loaded with weapons.

Brady and the Patriots have two Pro Bowlers in Julian Edelman and Malcolm Mitchell, along with a host of other young talent, including Julian Edmondson, Shane Vereen, and Danny Amendola.12.

They will be in great position to take a step back and rest up for the playoffs.

The Pats won 11 games in 2016, which was the best in the league for a decade.

But they were knocked out in the first round of the playoffs, losing to the Jets in a blowout.

This is a team that needs to take care of business this offseason, and they will be better off with Mariota as their starting quarterback.15.

The AFC East is one of the toughest divisions in football, and New England will be able to defend that division and still win games.

The Jets were one of only three teams to win 10 games in the division in 2016.

That group also included the Chargers, Patriots, and Colts.16.

The defense is the key to New England’s success.

The offense will be an even bigger factor in 2017, as Brady and company will be without a true No. 1 wideout.

The secondary will be key to the success of the team, as the Pats will need to be able cover a wide variety of players.17.

They need to do what they do best.

Brady, who has thrown for 4,735 yards and 29 touchdowns in 2017 alone, will need the Patriots to do their part on defense and get back to being the top-ranked defense in the AFC.

Brady is the MVP of the AFC and should be in position to win a Super Bowl, but he will need New England to do his part in the offense.