What’s in your plan b? | How to take care of your body and mind

Plan B has been available in Europe since 2003, and now the U.S. is also available in many of the countries that make up the European Union.

That means that people who are over 35 can get their birth control pills without a prescription.

If you’re on birth control, you should make sure you check with your doctor if you’re taking it regularly.

The best way to do that is to talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

You can also visit www.pillsandpillows.com, where you can find the best plan b available.

If that doesn’t help, try a test that can tell you if your pill contains hormones, including a blood test.

You also can check your birth control with your healthcare provider.

If you have any questions about your birth plan, contact your healthcare providers.

You can find out more about Plan B in our full guide to birth control.

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