“The New Mom” stars discuss prenatal coverage and the need for new moms

NEW YORK — “TheNewMom” stars Molly Shannon and Michelle Forbes are discussing the new moms, the new baby, and the new way of life, as well as the possibility of pregnancy.

The first two episodes of “The Real New Mom,” which premieres on “The View” Tuesday, were filmed in Los Angeles and were shot in New York, where Shannon and Forbes, along with actress Amy Schumer, are both filming for “The Fosters.”

The show is a collaboration between the producers and the Schumer brothers.

The show was shot in L.A., where Shannon is based in New Orleans, and in New England, where Forbes is based, including at her mother’s home.

In an interview with “The Huffington Post” last week, Shannon said that she’s proud of her work in the series.

“The whole thing is a great challenge, to see what happens when you go from working a six-week week, you’re getting a lot of time for yourself, but then you also have the constant pressures of having a child,” she said.

“I think it’s a great thing to be able to do.

It’s something that you don’t see a lot in reality.

It gives you a lot more time to be the person you want to be.”

Shannon, whose mother died from colon cancer when she was 18 months old, and Forbes have been featured in several viral videos of themselves doing yoga, singing along to music and being in yoga classes.

They’re also featured on Instagram.

The “TheRealNewMom,” which debuted last year, is the first show in a new franchise created by Schumer and co-creator Rob Schrab, with their father and producer Kevin Hart.

The NewMom series was conceived as a parody of reality TV, which has often been used to market the “pregnancy cure.”

“I think a lot about my mom and that we’re not living in a reality, but I think a very common thing is, ‘If I could just get pregnant, I’d be able do anything in life,'” Forbes said.

Shannon also took time to address the recent backlash against the new mom trend, saying that she was proud to be in the company of “normal, normal people.”

“This is a brand new reality that you’re in,” she told the network.

“It’s not just that you want a child, it’s that you really want a baby.

We were so excited to see the reactions, and it’s been such a good experience for us.

I’m proud to work with them.”

Shanahan and Forbes were recently nominated for a Golden Globe for their portrayal of a mother who was at the center of a viral video about the need to be pregnant.

The clip showed a mother dressed in an outfit from the “Fosters” reality series, in a pool, and talking about the benefits of breastfeeding.