Pill club to add online pill ordering service

The Pill Club, a website for women to order abortion pills, will launch on Monday, a spokeswoman said.

The service will have 24-hour access to the internet and offers customers a “one-stop shop” for buying abortion pills.

The Pill, which has an estimated worldwide population of about 14 million, is the only pill that can be legally obtained through the procedure and is not covered by insurance or other health care plans.

“We are excited to launch the Pill Club,” said Stephanie Brown, the co-founder of the PillClub.

“As women in the U.S., we know the pain of having an unwanted pregnancy and how difficult it can be to access the medical services we need to make sure our babies are healthy.”

The PillClub is offering customers a chance to “opt-in” to the pill service by choosing “a method of contraception that I find works best for me,” said Brown.

“Pill Club will be available on Monday.”

The website will also include a “pills-for-money” section.

The website also will offer “a free one-time gift card for all Pill Club members, as well as access to additional online resources and a dedicated pill-buying forum.”