How to play in the Bundesliga – Beats Pill

A simple pill has been found that helps prevent the symptoms of headaches and other symptoms of depression in the German Bundesliga.

The drug, dubbed Beats Pill, was developed by the drug company Eisendorf, the company announced in a press release on Monday.

Eisendörf’s drug works in a similar way to the drug used in the treatment of depression, but in the context of the Bundesliga.

The drug was discovered by German neuroscientists and was approved by the Federal Constitutional Court on March 13, 2021.

In a clinical trial, the drug reduced the incidence of headache and depression in 18 people who participated in a 6-week trial.

A study of the drug’s safety in the general population is ongoing.

The drugs were approved by German regulatory authorities in January and are currently available on prescription in Germany.

It is unclear whether the new drug will be used in football.

But if it does, the use of the pill is likely to be limited to the Bundesliga because of its higher intensity.