How to get the most out of the ‘Blue Xanax’ pill

It’s a new and improved pill from CVS and it’s the same one that has been selling in drugstores around the country.

So why does CVS make it so much better?

Here’s how it works.

The Blue XanAX pill uses a synthetic compound that breaks down the pills body fat and helps with weight loss.

When I spoke with the CVS reps, they told me the pills pills body weight will decrease by up to 50 percent, and the pills will feel more supple and firm to your skin.

But there are a couple of things you should know about the Blue Xampax.

First, the pills are made of a chemical called “Xanax” which is a combination of two chemicals called “Tecosulfonylbenzene” and “Hydroxybenzane.”

The pills are designed to help with the body’s response to insulin and blood sugar control, and it also contains a natural amino acid called “Amp-A-RiT.”

You don’t have to take it daily.

It is only recommended that you use the pill on an empty stomach and at night, to keep your blood sugar level up.

The pill can be taken as a tablet or capsule.

I also learned that the BlueXampax pill can help with other health conditions like asthma, heart disease, and depression.

If you have any questions about the pills benefits, feel free to call 1-800-824-4357. 

Here’s a video that tells you how the Blue pills work:The BlueXanAX Pill will be available for sale in the CVC store on August 12, 2018.