Here’s what the VP of VP and Communications at Vice, Sarah Tewes, is doing right now

Vice President Sarah Tews is doing some things right.

The former VP of social and global engagement is on a mission to change the way the news business works and get more people to be more informed and engaged in their daily lives.

She’s a bit of a media geek and has been doing the rounds to promote her latest project, The People’s Summit, a virtual conference that’s launching today.

Tews’ team is also putting the spotlight on the people who are driving change.

She started the summit last year and the team has since grown to include a wide range of people from the tech sector to the nonprofit sector to government agencies, including the Federal Trade Commission.

The goal of the summit is to highlight the intersection of social media and news, with a focus on how these tools are changing the way we interact and the way people see the world.

“I think that it’s important to be very open and accessible to everyone,” Tews told Vice.

“And that’s why I started the first summit in 2019.

I wanted to make sure we were making our audience aware of what they were doing and how important it is.

The second one, I started in 2020.

We’ve grown it to over 2,000 people and we’ve had over 100,000 unique visitors and a huge impact on the newsroom.”

In addition to Tews and the summit’s creators, the goal is to have other tech leaders from across the political spectrum join in the discussions and bring ideas from their businesses.

Tews says this will be the first time in a decade that a tech CEO has joined the summit.

“There’s a lot of folks in the business right now that have not been able to get in, so we wanted to show them that there’s a new way to be an effective and engaged media presence,” she says.

“We’re really excited about how this is shaping up and really trying to figure out how to use this as an opportunity to learn from our competitors and learn from what they’re doing,” she adds.

She also said that the summit will be open to anyone who wants to attend and that the goal was to have as many different groups as possible.

“The people that are going to be attending this have all been in the space, have a different vision, a different set of priorities,” she said.

The summit is scheduled to begin on Friday and will take place on Monday.

It will also feature an open Q&A session on Tuesday morning with guests including former Vice President Al Gore, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and former President Joe Biden.

In addition, the Summit will be livestreamed online.

Tewes says the goal of The People, like the one that launched in 2020, is to provide a platform for people to meet and have conversations about what’s important in their lives.

And she says that the Summit is not just about getting people to participate in the conversation.

“I want it to be about making them feel good about themselves, and having that positive change,” she explains.

Twes says that The People Summit is part of a larger strategy to give more people a voice in the news industry.

She says that it is a way to bring more transparency to the process of creating and publishing stories and also to give a voice to those in a difficult or vulnerable position.

“When we started The People summit, we were trying to do something that would give a platform to people who could make a difference and a voice.

And that’s really what The People is all about,” she explained.

“It’s a way for us to have more visibility, more visibility for people who have been in that space for a long time and have been through a lot.

The people who actually know the stories and have worked with them and helped them are the ones who really do make a positive impact on our community and the media industry.”